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How to use

Step 1

Log in

You can log in with your twitch.tv account

Log in
Step 2

Download Speedy.GG Addon

Download our Speedy.GG World of Warcraft Addon

Addon with instructions can be found in the link bellow

Download here
Step 3

Start streaming

Record yourself doing the speed runs. Do as many as you want, make sure to save the output of the run from the addon in a notepad.

Step 4

Edit your video

Start splicing your stream with the Twitch.tv Video Manager. Make sure you’re creating highlights. Highlights are never deleted from your clips, and are easily accessible from our API

Step 5

Submit your run

Submit your time run as well as your highlight

Submit your run
Step 6

That’s it!

Your record, once approved, will show up on the scoreboard. The higher and longer your record stays at the top, is the goal

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